Prepare your webshop for winter

Many daily costs are increasing rapidly lately and claiming a larger portion of our monthly budget. However, as a retailer, you do not have to have bad turnover with the holidays almost around the corner. You don’t have to suffer from the ever-rising prices, if you approach it smartly and start on time.

In the recent weeks, newspapers have been full of articles  about all things that have become more expensive or which the prices will rise. Houses are almost no longer affordable, but many daily things such as gas, electricity, petrol and daily groceries have risen sharply in price as well. The question that many retailers have is whether consumers will continue to spend money on gifts when so many other costs are rising? As an (online) retailer, how can you properly prepare for Black Friday, Saint Nicholas ,and Christmas in this time?

Black Friday

With the busy sales period that is approaching, such as Black Friday and December, it is better to be prepared. This year, Black Friday falls on November 26. Because the following Monday is ‘Cyber ​​Monday’ (29 November), many Dutch retailers make it a week or even a month full of offers. Due to the high costs, consumers may be more careful about spending money on gifts this year.

Start on time

In the run-up to the holidays, parcel deliverers often remind consumers to order their gifts on time, otherwise the parcels may not be delivered on time. Starting the preparations on time is also important for the entrepreneur. It is important for online retailers to have at least three critical success factors properly arranged. These consist of offering different payment options, different shipping methods and having -and showing the customer- sufficient stock.

Spread costs

It is therefore important to give consumers sufficient options. You can reassure them, for example, by giving them the option to pay for a product in instalments, without negative consequences such as high interest costs or a BKR registration.

The possibility to pay for a product in three installments, without being tied to a loan or high costs, can reassure the consumer. It can lower the barrier to purchase a product because the consumer knows that he can spread the costs and that there is still money left over for other things.

Customer journey

Those who provide the consumer with the best service in this way are likely to get many more regular customers. Research shows that many consumers come back faster if they had a pleasant experience during the payment process of an online store. So pay attention to the customer experience / customer journey.

Anyone offering their customer the option to pay for a product in three instalments can also make good use of this in their marketing communications. Take advantage of your discount by showing the price you pay in three instalments.

More satisfied customers

As an online entrepreneur, if you are well prepared for the ‘December month’ by offering clear choices and information online, it saves you a lot of stress. If consumers are guided through an order process in a pleasant way, this will also result in more satisfied returning customers, in combination with easy payment options. And by spreading the payment of products over three equal instalments, whereby the entrepreneur runs no financial risk, the retailer fully meets the wishes of the consumer. If everything becomes more expensive, at least consumers know that they can spread their online spending. And that way they still have money left over for Christmas dinner, even in this expensive time.

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