In a time where everyone is online, a mobile phone is indispensable. Since there is a hefty price tag on the latest smartphones, we at Payin3 understand that this can be quite an investment. That is why you can buy your new phone on installment with Payin3. You can pay for your new phone in 3 equal installments without paying extra for this, because our interest rate is 0%. You will receive your phone immediately after the first payment and only make the second payment 30 days later. The third and final payment follows after 60 days. Because you initially only pay a third of the purchase amount, you have enough money left for other important things. Buying a new phone also includes matching accessories such as headphones. Whether you opt for a Samsung or iPhone on installment, with a payment via Payin3 you are immediately online and you will have your new smartphone at home in no time.


Shopping smartphones in three terms

Buy a telephone on installment: how does it work?

Buying an installment phone has never been so simple and affordable. With Payin3 you can easily purchase your new phone without immediately draining your entire bank account. If you have a smartphone in mind, you can pay it off in 3 installments. You pay the 1st installment immediately. Once this first payment has been made, your new smartphone will be shipped and you can use it right away! So you don't have to miss a moment online. After 30 days you pay the second installment, followed by the 3rd installment 60 days later. Not wrong, right? You don't have to worry about extra costs either. Payin3 charges 0% interest on your purchases. For example, if you want to pay for an iPhone in installments, it will cost as much as you would pay it in one go.

Which phone do you choose?

The range of smartphones has certainly not decreased in recent years. Every week there seems to be a new toy from the tech giants on the market. This wide range can therefore sometimes make the choice very difficult. Paying a phone in installments is in any case easy with Payin3. By paying for your phone afterwards, you have enough money left over for other things, for example to purchase those matching headphones. Paying in installments or not, the purchase of a smartphone remains pricey. You can also go for a cheaper option by choosing a refurbished smartphone. These are second-hand phones that can last another round. Refurbished smartphones have been reset to factory settings and can therefore be set up again according to your wishes. New or not, with Payin3 you can easily pay for your phone in 3 installments.

Loan without BKR registration

A new smartphone costs a lot of money these days. It is therefore not surprising that people increasingly choose to pay for a telephone in installments. When you want to buy a phone on installment, you probably immediately think of extra debts and a BKR registration. We can already tell you that Payin3 is the only payment method without interest and without BKR registration. Shop at one of the above webshops that offer the Payin3 payment method and enjoy your new purchase immediately! Whether you opt for a laptop or go for that iPhone, paying your purchases in installments has never been so easy.