Photo & Video

Have you found a new hobby in photography? Or do you want to capture your dream holiday with beautiful snapshots? Then a good camera cannot be missed. A good camera captures the most beautiful images razor sharp, but that also comes with a price. Would you rather not pay a large amount in one go, but rather buy a camera on installment? This is possible with the payment method of Payin3.


Shopping photo & video in three terms

How do you buy a camera on installment?

Paying a camera in installments is very easy with Payin3. You go through the above web stores and find the camera that fully meets your needs. Then you go to the choice of payment method for Payin3. After a lightning-fast data check, you only pay one third of the total amount. The camera will immediately come your way. We then ask you to pay the 2nd part after 30 days, which is again one third of the total amount. After 60 days it is the turn of the 3rd and last part of the total amount. After this payment you have paid off your camera in full.

Paying camera benefits in installments

Buying a camera on installment has several advantages. First of all, it is not necessary to save for the device. You can already shoot the first photos for only a third of the price. In the days after the purchase you continue to 'save' and after 60 days you pay off the last part. So you can also buy a camera just before you go on your package tour without boarding the plane without a budget.

In addition, a camera pay in installments with Payin3 has no disadvantages. An installment product often costs extra money, but that is not the case with Payin3. Our payment method charges 0% interest, so you only pay the amount that you have seen on the website of the webshop. In addition, you will not be registered with BKR.

Return camera on installment

As with any purchase, the purchase of a camera can be disappointing. That's very annoying. Fortunately, you can also return a camera that you pay in installments. How does that work? Return your camera in its original packaging and receive the money back on your account within five working days. This also applies when you return part of your order, for example only the tripod. Always read the terms and conditions of the webshop before returning an item!

Haven't you got your money back after those five days? In that case, it is possible that the webshop where you bought something has not yet confirmed the credit. Send a message to the webshop, so that they can send a confirmation to Payin3.

Types of cameras

There are many different types of cameras. All these cameras are suitable for a specific way of shooting. At Payin3 we offer different cameras.

  1. Action cameras

An action camera, also called a GoPro, is a camera that is often used when filming spectacular images. For example, snowboarders record their descent or paratroopers record their fall with an action camera.

  • Mirror reflex cameras
  • An SLR camera, as the name suggests, has a mirror system. You therefore do not look at a screen, but through the viewfinder. Moreover, you can replace the lens of this camera, so you can take different types of photos with the same camera.

  • System cameras
  • The system camera is a small and compact camera. Just like the SLR camera, you can change the lens of this camera at any time. However, a system camera does not use a mirror system.

  • Video cameras
  • A video camera is specialized in recording moving images.

  • Compact cameras
  • A compact camera is a small and compact camera. These cameras cannot change the lens and are therefore less suitable for the professional photographer.