Garden furniture

You've made the decision and are going to tackle the garden. You have decided to create a cozy sitting area with garden furniture. Would you prefer to pay for your new garden furniture in installments? Then the payment method of Payin3 is the best choice.

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Shopping garden furniture in three terms

Possibility to buy garden furniture on installment at Payin3

Shopping via Payin3 offers you various options. Do you just want a new seating area? Or do you opt for the complete picture with, for example, a barbecue? Whatever you choose, our payment method is always the same. When purchasing, you only pay a third of the purchase amount, after which you can already enjoy your purchase. After you have already been able to make full use of your new garden furniture, we ask you to transfer another third of the total purchase amount within 30 days. Finally, you pay the last part of your purchase within 60 days. Please pay attention to the conditions of the above webshops with every purchase.

Benefits for garden furniture to be paid in instalments

But why should you choose to pay for garden furniture in installments? First of all, it gives you the opportunity to immediately enjoy your new acquisition without having to save first. After you have paid a third of the purchase price, the furniture is already coming your way. This way you have money left over for other things, such as a parasol.

What does installment garden furniture cost?

You often hear that, for example, buying garden furniture on installment costs unnecessary extra money. That is often the case, but not with Payin3. Our payment method charges 0% interest. The price at which you see that nice garden set online is therefore also the final amount that you pay. Moreover, with Payin3 you do not receive a BKR registration when you buy something or make an installment.