Electric bikes

E-bikes, you can hardly escape them. Electric bicycles have become extremely popular in recent years. The ease, comfort and speed of these bikes is a true luxury. Of course, this luxury comes with a price. If you prefer not to pay this amount in one go, you can buy your electric bicycle on installment with Payin3.


Shopping electric bicycles in three terms

Electric bicycle on installment

With Payin3 you can pay for your new electric bicycle in installments. The process is simple. Choose an e-bike at one of the above webshops. Have you found your dream bike? Then choose Payin3 for the payment methods. You enter your details here and we do a quick check. Everything approved? Then you pay the 1st installment. This is one third of the purchase amount and as soon as this payment has been made, your new e-bike will be sent to you. You pay the 2nd installment within 30 days, and the third and last installment you pay after 60 days. By buying your e-bike on installment, you can enjoy your new bike without immediately paying the entire amount. Prefer old-fashioned stairs? Then you can also buy a regular bike on installment at Payin3.

0% interest at Payin3

Paying with Payin3 has a lot of advantages. You may expect extra interest, but you don't have to worry about this. Buying an electric bicycle on installment at Payin3 is without extra costs. So you pay 0% interest on your new purchase. The price for which the e-bike is for sale is therefore also the amount that you will pay. No surprises or extra costs to take into account. You also do not get a BKR registration, which is nice. Whether you are going to buy a bicycle, scooter or car, at Payin3 you pay for your new purchase free of charge in 3 equal installments.