Media players

Do you like to watch series and movies and are you a fan of all the different streaming services? Then a media player is highly recommended. With a media player you can easily and quickly switch between different apps to turn on your favorite movie or series. Most media players are not cheap, which is why you can buy a media player on installment with the payment method of Payin3.


Shopping media players in three terms

Buy your new media player on installment

Do you want to quickly watch series via your new media player, but haven't you saved enough yet? Payin3 offers the solution. You can pay for your media player in installments. In this way you do not have to pay the full purchase amount in one go, but you can pay your media player spread over 3 installments. Look at one of the above webshops for the media player you want and order it directly. Then choose Payin3 as payment method. You pay a third of the purchase amount as 1st payment and the media player will be shipped quickly. Connect the box to your television or monitor, connect to the internet and stream everything you like to watch. Within 30 days after the 1st payment it is time for the 2nd payment. Payin3 itself sends reminders to you so that you are not faced with surprises. You pay the 3rd and last installment within 60 days.

Pay a media player afterwards with 0% interest

With the payment method of Payin3 you can easily buy your new media player and you can pay in installments. In addition, Payin3 charges 0% interest. This means that the purchase amount of the media player is really the amount you pay, nothing is added to this. You also do not get a BKR registration due to the payment method of Payin3. So you can buy a new media player on installment without any worries. A good solution if you would like to have your product at home quickly, but also need some time to save extra. Are you convinced of all the advantages of Payin3's payment method? Then scroll through the range of one of the above webshops and look for the products or services that best suit your needs.