Remote controls

Don't feel like walking to your equipment every time? Manually turning the sound up or down takes a lot of effort. Remote controls are the solution. This allows you to stay put and use your equipment remotely. Are you considering purchasing more than one, but are you running into financing? Pay your remote control on installment via Payin3.


Shopping remote controls in three terms

Remote control on installment

With the payment method of Payin3 you can easily buy your remote control on installment. You pay for your remote control afterwards in just 3 quick steps. At the above webshops you have plenty of choice from different remote controls. When you have made a choice and want to pay, choose Payin3 as payment method. A data check is then done and you can pay for your remote control in 3 installments. You make the first deposit immediately. This is one third of the total purchase amount. When this is met, your purchase will be sent immediately and you can use your remote control. Within 30 days you will receive a reminder to make the 2nd payment, and after 60 days you will receive the last reminder to make your 3rd payment. This way you can easily pay for your remote control afterwards via Payin3.

Paying the benefits of a remote control in installments

Besides the convenience, the payment method of Payin3 offers even more advantages. Because you spread the purchase amount over 3 equal installments and you don't have to make a large expenditure in one go, you have money left over for other things. In addition, many other financing methods require you to pay a high interest rate when you make an installment purchase. This is not the case with Payin3. Our payment method has 0% interest. In this way you only pay the amount stated on the website and you will not be faced with surprises. So you can use the remote control for your television or media players with peace of mind. Another advantage of the payment method of Payin3 is that there is no further BKR registration involved. So you don't have to worry about the negative consequences that often come with many other credit facilities