Dumbells and Weights

If you want to pursue a fit and healthy lifestyle, it is important to keep moving. Sports subscriptions are often very pricey and that is why people often bring the gym into their home. Buying weights and dumbbells can be a big one-time investment. With the payment method of Payin3 you can purchase your dumbbells and weights on installment.


Shopping dumbbells and weights in three terms

Buy dumbbells and weights on installment

If you choose the payment method of Payin3, you do not have to pay the entire purchase amount in one go. Our payment method makes it possible to purchase your new dumbbells and weights on credit. How does that work? If you have found dumbbells and weights at one of the above web stores and choose the Payin3 payment method, our system will perform a quick data check. Then you have to pay the 1st installment, and your sports equipment will come your way immediately. Within a period of 30 and 60 days respectively, Payin3 will remind you of the payments of the 2nd and 3rd installment. By paying for your new dumbbells and weights in installments, you can keep moving without worrying about payment.

Dumbbells and weights on installment: what are the costs?

Now you may be wondering what additional costs are involved if you buy your new dumbbell set on installment. Then we have good news! Unlike most loans and credits, our payment method has no additional costs. Payin3 charges 0% interest, so you do not pay more than the total amount displayed on the above webshops. So there are no extra costs involved if you want to pay your dumbbells and weights in installments. In addition, you are not tied to a BKR registration if you use the payment method of Payin3. This way you can keep moving, without the negative consequences of a loan. If dumbbells and weights are not sufficient, it is also possible to purchase fitness equipment.