Weight loss

Whatever your reason for wanting to lose weight, working on your health is always a good idea. Whether you're looking for advice or 1-on-1 coaching, losing weight can be more expensive than expected. If you prefer not to pay for your treatment or coaching in one go, you can choose to lose weight on installment. How? With the payment method of Payin3.


Shopping weight loss in three terms

Lose weight on installment

We are happy to explain how you can lose weight on installment. When you have found what you need at one of the above webshops, you can spread your payment. You choose Payin3 for the payment method and leave your details. We do a quick check and you pay the 1st installment. This is one third of the total purchase amount. As soon as this payment has been made, your trajectory, personal coaching or you will receive the advice you were looking for. The remaining amount? You pay that back within 60 days. You pay the 2nd installment within 30 days and the last and 3rd installment within 60 days. So you do not have to wait to lose weight until you have paid the entire amount. Your weight loss adventure begins now, payment will come later.

The benefits of Payin3

Using Payin3's payment method has several advantages. When you want to buy something on installment or want to pay in installments, you often think of extra costs. We do it just a little differently. You pay 0% interest on the total purchase amount. So you will no longer pay as someone who pays everything in one go. Losing weight is fun, but losing weight cheaply is even more fun. With our payment method you do not have to wait until you have collected the full amount. You pay a third and then get another 60 days to pay the remaining amount. At Payin3 you can buy a wide number of installment services. From teeth whitening to relationship therapy, with our payment method you can easily spread the amount of your purchase over 3 installments.