Almost everyone has practiced water sports at some point. Whether you've braved the waves on a kiteboard and swam in your hotel pool, water sports are extremely popular. The costs of practicing water sports can be high, which is why you can purchase your water sports equipment on installment with the payment method of Payin3.


Shopping aquatics in three terms

Buy water sports equipment on installment

Whether you're ready for a new rowing boat or diving goggles, with the Payin3 payment method you pay for your water sports supplies in installments. When you buy your water sports equipment on installment, you spread the costs. When purchasing, you only pay one third of the total amount. This happens after a short data check. If everything is in order and the first payment is completed, your order will be sent directly to you. Then you make the first meters on your new sup board or with your new flippers during a travel at home or abroad. We ask you to pay the second installment within 30 days. The 3rd and last term will follow within 60 days.

Advantages for water sports equipment payment in installments

Different water sports items are very pricey, or you may need several products at once. By paying for your purchase in installments, you don't have to pay the full price in one go. So you don't have to save and can immediately enjoy the benefits of your acquisition. Or you have money left over for that one stay you wanted to go to. Extra costs or other unexpected consequences? There are none at Payin3. We charge 0% interest and do not do BKR registrations. After the 1st payment you can enjoy your favorite water sports carefree with the best and newest materials!