A tidy bedroom starts with a suitable wardrobe. This handy furniture ensures that you can store your clothes neatly. Less mess and more overview. If you prefer not to pay for your wardrobe in one go, you can choose to pay with Payin3. You can easily pay for your wardrobe in installments.

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Shopping wardrobes in three terms

Pay wardrobe in installments

Payin3's payment method is simple. When you are looking for a new wardrobe, take a look at one of the above webshops. When you have found a suitable cabinet for your room, you can choose to pay it with Payin3. You can pay for the wardrobe in 3 equal installments via the payment method of Payin3. At checkout you pay one third of the amount, then the wardrobe is yours immediately. After 30 days you pay the 2nd installment, and 60 days later the 3rd and also the last installment follows. We also ensure that you receive a reminder on time so that you will not miss any of these payments. In addition to a wardrobe, there are plenty of other bedroom furniture that you can pay with Payin3, such as a bedside table.

No BKR and 0% interest at In3

Payin3 is the only payment method with 0% interest. So when you are looking for a new wardrobe, you do not have to take extra costs into account. The amount for which you see the wardrobe online is also the amount that you will pay in total. Paying for a wardrobe afterwards with Payin3 therefore means no extra costs. With all the convenience in the world, you buy that new wardrobe on installment. The rest of the bedroom must of course also be filled. Whether you need a wardrobe or a new box spring, with Payin3 you can easily pay for your new furniture in installments.