Women's jewelry

Many women are crazy about jewelry. A nice bracelet, necklace or a ring adds a lot to your outfits and appearance. However, the prices of women's jewelry can rise considerably. At Payin3 we understand that it is not always desirable to pay large amounts in one go. With our payment method it is therefore possible to purchase ladies jewelry on installment.


Shopping women's jewelry in three terms

Women's jewelry on installment

For example, do you want to buy a gold chain for women, but are you running into the high price tag? Then you can easily buy this gold necklace for ladies on installment with the payment method of Payin3. How does that work? At one of the above webshops you choose the desired ladies jewelry and at checkout you choose Payin3. After a quick check you have to pay the 1st installment and the order will be sent directly to you. And what about the other payments? You will receive a reminder within 30 and 60 days of purchase, so you don't have to worry about it. By purchasing women's jewelry on installment, you do not have to save and at that moment you have money left over to surprise your partner or child with a children's watch or men's watch!

Paying women's jewelry in installments: what are the costs?

Are there any additional costs involved if I want to purchase my ladies jewelry on installment? This is the case with many lenders, but not with Payin3! Our payment method charges 0% interest on the purchase amount. As a result, you only pay the amount that you see on the selected webshop. So you don't have to worry about unexpected costs. In addition to the fact that we do not charge extra costs, we do not do any extra hassle. You are not tied to a BKR registration. This way you can easily and carefree purchase your ladies jewelry, such as a ring or collier, on installment.