Does your freezer need to be replaced, are you moving or do you want to upgrade your entire kitchen? Then the costs can rise considerably. If you prefer not to pay for your freezer in one go, you can use the payment method of Payin3. You can easily buy your new freezer on installment and start using it right away.


Shopping freezers in three terms

Buy your freezer today on installment

Buying a freezer on installment is very easy and affordable with the Payin3 payment method. At one of the above webshops, you can choose the freezer you want to buy on installment. We do a quick data check and then you can immediately use the new freezer after a deposit of one third of the purchase amount. This way you don't have to wait and you can also pay for your freezer in instalments. We ask you to pay the 2nd part of the purchase amount within 30 days. After 60 days it's time for the last part. Don't worry, Payin3 will send a reminder on time so you never miss a payment. Are you upgrading your kitchen? Then, in addition to a freezer, you may also want to pay for a refrigerator in installments for a complete kitchen.

Pay your freezer in installments with Payin3

Don't worry, with our payment method you can buy your freezer on installment without any risks and worries. You only pay the purchase amount. So you can pay your freezer in installments with 0% interest. You also do not get a BKR registration with Payin3 when you buy a freezer on installment. You simply pay the fixed amount of your purchase, in 3 equal installments, within 60 days. The big advantage of Payin3 is that you can immediately use your purchase that you make at one of the above webshops, without having to pay the full purchase amount immediately. Ideal for when you are ready for a new freezer, but you like to buy it on installment so that you can save some money first.