Planning to buy a new projector? Nice! Of course you want quality, which means that the cost may turn out to be more expensive than expected. If you prefer not to pay this expense in one go, you can choose to buy your projector on installment with the payment method of Payin3!


Shopping projectors in three terms

Beamer on installment

If a large expense is not available at the moment, but you still want to have the beamer at home as soon as possible, then the payment method of Payin3 is an excellent solution. With Payin3 you spread the payment of a new beamer over 3 installments. When the purchase is completed and the first installment has been paid, the product will be sent to you immediately. So you don't have to wait until the 3 installments have been paid in full before you can use the new beamer. With our payment method, for example, we offer you the option to pay the beamer afterwards and in 3 installments, whereby 0% interest is also charged!

Why pay in installments?

If you are interested in buying a beamer on installment, you can do this easily in 3 installments. It is good to know that with the purchase you pay the first installment, namely one third of the purchase amount. You pay the 2nd installment back within 30 days. You pay the 3rd and last installment within 60 days. If the option of buying a gadget such as headphones or a beamer on installment is the perfect option for you, you also have the advantage that you do not get a BKR registration. With the payment method of Payin3 you can now easily and cheaply buy your new stuff on installment.