Air condintioning

In the summer you like to work in a cool room, in the winter your room needs to be warmed up. Whatever situation you are in, with air conditioning you bring the room temperature to your desired level. Are you interested in purchasing an air conditioner, but are you hesitant about the price? With Payin3 you pay for your new air conditioning on installment.


Shopping air conditioning in three terms

Air conditioning on installment

Do you buy your air conditioning on installment? Then you immediately become the owner of the product, while you have not yet paid the full amount. That's how it works: when you buy the product, after a quick data check, you only pay one third of the total amount. Simply put, you take a loan, but without all the negative consequences. After the first payment, the air conditioning comes directly to you and can be installed immediately. After you have enjoyed your cool or warm room from behind your laptop or from the couch for almost 30 days, we ask you to pay the second part. This part also amounts to one third of the total amount. After 60 days you pay the remaining amount.

Loan without negative consequences at Payin3

When you buy a product on installment, you are often told that you have to pay a high interest rate. Such interest rates can even be higher than with a personal loan. This is not the case with Payin3. You pay 0% interest, so you only pay the amount for which you see the air conditioning on the website of one of the above webshops. And a loan without negative consequences? Of course, that also means that you do not have to expect a BKR registration. In addition, it is also possible to return your air conditioner, which you have purchased on installment, to the web store if it is not to your liking. You will receive the paid amount back within five working days.

Why buy air conditioning on credit?

There are many different options for making a purchase. One of those options is installment buying, but why would you? We give you some advantages.

  1. Spread the amount over three installments

Is very cold or very warm weather forecast soon and you are not prepared yet? You are not always in a position to make a large purchase right away. By buying your new air conditioning on installment, you can use it immediately without paying the amount in one go.

  • Fast delivery
  • Because you don't have to save, you can have your new air conditioning quickly at home. When you have met the first installment, the product is already coming your way. So you don't have to wait for your purchase until the entire amount has been paid. Do you often have a room that is too cold or too warm? With this solution you can solve the problem quickly and carefree.

    Advantages air conditioning

    An air conditioner can heat your living room, bedroom or other room when it is too cold, and cool it when it is too hot. But this function is not the only function of an air conditioner. An air conditioner can do more than that. For example, an air conditioner with a water pump can also purify the air. That is good news for allergy sufferers, because pollen can be filtered out of the air, for example. In addition, an air conditioner can also dehumidify the air. Dry air often feels more pleasant than moist air, so you don't have to fire as hard. An air conditioner can therefore not only regulate the temperature of the air, but also ensures healthy and drier air.