Bike parts

The Netherlands has more bicycles than inhabitants and it is therefore not surprising that parts break every now and then. In that case, you want to quickly replace that part so that you can get back on the road. Do you not want to pay these unforeseen costs in one go, but rather spread them over 3 equal installments? Then choose the payment method of Payin3.


Shopping components in three terms

New bicycle tire, lighting or saddle: your bicycle parts on installment

It is already annoying enough when you can no longer use your bicycle due to, for example, a broken tire. Or is your saddle no longer comfortable and do you need a new one? For example, by buying a saddle on installment, you can enjoy your 'renewed' bike in no time, without having to pay the full price for it all at once. By choosing Payin3, you spread the costs over 3 equal installments. When purchasing, you only pay one third of the total amount. The product will then immediately come your way. That means that you have money left over for other nice accessories for your bicycle. During the 2nd and 3rd term, which is after 30 and 60 days respectively, you pay the remaining amount.

No interest and no BKR

Paying bicycle parts in installments often guarantees unnecessary costs and negative extras. This is not the case with Payin3. Our payment method charges 0% interest. This means that you only pay the amount that you see on the provider's website. In addition, such accounts can provide a BKR registration, which can get you in trouble with other loans. Payin3 is a payment method without BKR registration. After the data check when purchasing the product, you can enjoy your new bicycle parts without any worries. Does your bike need more attention and does it have to go to a bicycle repair shop? You can also pay for the repair of your bicycle afterwards.