Kitchen applicances

Are you someone who likes to cook at home or someone who regularly works in a professional kitchen? Kitchen machines are then real must-haves to have. You can see a food processor as an extra helper in the kitchen that helps you with kneading, beating, stirring and mixing. Together you prepare the tastiest dishes or bakes. Don't have any kitchen machines at home yet, because you think the purchase is too expensive to do in one go? With Payin3 you can easily pay your kitchen machines on installment in 3 installments.


Shopping kitchen appliances in three terms

Buy kitchen machines on installment

Purchasing a food processor can be a drain on your wallet. Especially when you are dealing with professional equipment. Fortunately, with the payment method of Payin3 you can make your purchases on installment. How this works When you purchase food processors at one of the above webshops, you choose Payin3 as the payment method. A data check is then quickly carried out by our system. The purchase amount is then spread over 3 installments, with the 1st installment being paid immediately. Your food processors will then be shipped and, depending on the chosen web store, you will have them at home the next day with a bit of luck. You pay the second installment after 30 days and the last installment after 60 days. This way you can make full use of the kitchen machines in the meantime and pay for them afterwards without any problems.

Paying the benefits of food processors in installments

The purchase amount is spread over 3 installments via Payin3, so that after payment of one third of the total purchase price you are the owner of your kitchen machines. So you do not immediately lose a large amount. In addition, you do not pay any interest and you do not have to deal with a BKR registration. Via Payin3 you therefore have the benefits and not the burdens of a credit loan. In addition, you can easily return your purchases. Do you want to use a food processor for vegetables, meat or ice cream? Or do you want to further expand your kitchen layout? Then quickly view the range of kitchen machines, refrigerators and dishwashers at our affiliated web stores above.