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The kitchen in your home is a place where the family spends a lot of time. Quickly make a sandwich or prepare an extensive festive meal, there is a lot going on in the kitchen and that is why you naturally want a good and beautiful kitchen that makes you happy. A new kitchen is quite an investment, but with Payin3 you can also buy a stock kitchen on installment.

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Shopping stock kitchens in three terms

How do I buy a stock kitchen on installment

Would you like to renovate your kitchen and do something completely new, but is the investment a little too big for one go? The payment method of Payin3 offers the solution. You can pay for a stock kitchen in instalments. It goes like this. At one of the above webshops you will orientate yourself on a new kitchen from stock. When you have made a choice, you can select Payin3 as the payment method. Then your details will be checked quickly and you can pay a third of the purchase amount. Then you can immediately start enjoying your new kitchen. Within 30 days you will receive a reminder from Payin3 to meet the 2nd installment and then within 60 days after purchase you pay the 3rd and final installment. Do you want to complete the picture? Then you can, for example, also pay in installments wall tiles for the kitchen, together with a stock kitchen

Pay the kitchen stock in installments: what do I have to take into account?

You may be worried about risks and unexpected costs that you don't count on when you start paying for a pantry in instalments. Rightly so, because many lenders treat installment purchases like a loan. This may mean that additional costs will be incurred in the form of interest. Or perhaps a BKR registration. That's why you choose Payin3. With our payment method, 0% interest is charged, so you only pay for the product, and not for the use of the payment method. In addition, you will not receive a BKR registration with Payin3. Completely without worries, but with great ease you can buy your new stock kitchen on installment. And in the range of the various affiliated web stores there is much more to renovate your home. Go for a new style in your bathroom with a new washbasin and toilet for example.