Many people today need orthodontics. An orthodontist ensures that you get straight teeth by means of treatments with, among other things, braces. Orthodontics is dentistry that focuses on the development of regular teeth. However, a treatment can take a long time, so that the costs are high. With Payin3 you spread the costs over 3 installments.


Shopping orthodontics in three terms

Pay orthodontics in installments

Payin3 offers the possibility to pay the costs for orthodontics in installments. How does that work? At the start of the treatment you pay one third of the total amount. The orthodontist can immediately start your treatment by placing braces, for example. After 30 days we ask you to pay another third of the total amount. After 60 days we ask you to pay the last part.

Instalment orthodontics at Payin3 therefore has several advantages:

  • You don't have to save

The sooner you start orthodontics, the sooner you'll be done. It is therefore annoying to have to wait until you have saved enough. With Payin3 there is no need to wait for that. You can start immediately after the first payment.

  • No interest and no BKR registration

You often hear that paying orthodontics in installments leads to higher costs because you take out a loan. This is not the case with Payin3. The interest is 0% and you don't have to worry about a BKR registration.

  • Combine with other treatments

Payin3 does not only offer orthodontics on installment. To make a completely new start, you can also opt for an installment spraytan treatment.

What does an orthodontist do?

An orthodontist ensures that your teeth are fully straight again. “Ortho” is Greek for law and “odontos” means tooth. Many people suffer from, for example, an overbite, an irregular position of the teeth or a lack of space for the incisors, which means that the teeth can no longer function optimally. The orthodontist straightens your teeth with the help of interventions, such as the removal of wisdom teeth, or one or more braces.

When should you start with orthodontics

It is mainly children who benefit from orthodontics. They often visit the orthodontist for the first time between the ages of 10 and 12. A treatment then lasts on average 18 to 24 months, during which you visit every four to six weeks for a check-up.