Do you often dry yourself in a cold room after a hot shower? With a bathroom radiator, that is no longer necessary. A radiator heats your bathroom very quickly. Do you like such a heating system, but don't want to pay the purchase price in one go? Thanks to Payin3's payment method, you don't have to. You then buy your bathroom radiator on installment.

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Shopping radiators in three terms

Bathroom radiator on installment

Nothing is more annoying than having to dry yourself in a cold bathroom after a hot shower. With a bathroom radiator, that is a thing of the past. Moreover, you can easily dry your towel on this heating. Do you want to buy a radiator, but do not want to pay the full amount in one go, because you want to buy all the necessities for a new bathroom, for example? Then choose Payin3. With Payin3 you buy your bathroom radiator in installments. How does that work? When purchasing, you only pay one third of the total amount. This is possible after a quick data check. Your order will then be sent to you. We ask you to pay the other 2 installments within no later than 30 and no later than 60 days, so that you can spread your purchase over 2 months.

Pay new bathroom in installments without extra costs

With the payment method of Payin3 you not only benefit from the fact that you can spread your costs over 2 months. Payin3 also does not do BKR registrations, so you can take out other loans without worries. In addition, we charge 0% interest. So you don't have to worry about unexpected or unnecessary extra costs. Every reason not only to purchase a bathroom radiator on installment, but also all other necessities for your ideal bathroom, such as a bath or bathroom furniture. So you can enjoy a completely new bathroom in no time without having to save for it!