Personalize your necklace by putting a pendant around your neck. Go for a special sign or a pendant with the ashes of a loved one. Have you found a beautiful pendant, but are you shocked by the price tag? Payin3 offers you the possibility to buy a pendant on installment.


Shopping pendants in three terms

Pendant for your necklace on payment

By buying a pendant on installment, you pay for your pendant in installments. You initially pay a small part of the full purchase price and immediately become the owner. In the period that follows, you pay off your purchase. At Payin3 we ask you to pay only one third of the full amount when purchasing, after which the pendant will come your way immediately. We will send you a reminder for the 2nd term within 30 days. This also concerns one third of the purchase amount. You pay the 3rd and final installment within 60 days. Also immediately purchase a necklace to hang your pendant from. Of course also on installment!

Why pay pendant in installments?

Paying your new pendant in installments is an excellent solution in several situations. You don't have to save for a purchase, because you put that in front of you. While you save, you can show your purchase to your friends and family. This is useful if you also immediately want to buy a suitable ring or earrings. In addition, with Payin3 you pay nothing more than with a direct purchase. We charge 0% interest. So you do not incur unnecessary costs. And a BKR registration? You don't have to take that into account, because we don't do that. After the data check for the first payment, you can enjoy your new purchases without any worries.