Do you like to be active and do you like touring in the open air? Then consider an electric scooter. With good electrical assistance it takes almost no effort to cover long distances and it is also a lot of fun! An e-step is just not cheap. That is why you can buy an electric scooter on installment with the payment method of Payin3.


Shopping e-steps in three terms

How do you buy an electric scooter on installment?

When you've decided to buy an electric scooter, but you find out that you haven't saved enough yet. In that case, Payin3 offers an ideal solution with which you can pay for an electric scooter in installments. This way you can quickly tour your new scooter, but you pay the amount in installments.

At one of the above webshops, you can choose an electric scooter that suits your needs. At payment method you select Payin3 and after a quick check and the first payment, which is one third of the total amount, your order will come your way. Within 30 days, Payin3 will send a reminder with a request to make the 2nd payment. You pay the 3rd installment within 60 days of purchase. So you can easily pay for an e-scooter in installments.

What are the risks of paying an electric scooter in installments?

With other financing methods, you may be used to having certain snags. This can be in the form of extra costs through interest or a BKR registration. If you want to pay for an electric scooter in installments, this is of course not what you want. At Payin3 you can therefore buy an electric scooter with saddle on installment without extra costs and risks. 0% interest is charged, so the purchase amount for your scooter is the only thing you pay. You also do not get a BKR registration when using the payment method of Payin3. So there are no catches when you buy an electric scooter on installment via Payin3. If you want a little more movement, you can also take a look at the range of e-skateboards. You can purchase these on deposit!