Spray tan

Would you like to get a tan before going on holiday? Then the sunbed is certainly not the only option. With a spray tan treatment you will be completely colored in no time. However, this option can be pricey. To spread the costs, Payin3 offers the possibility to pay the spray tan in installments.


Shopping spray tan in three terms

Spraytan on installment

By choosing an installment spray tan, you spread the costs over different periods. Initially you only pay one third of the total amount. After that you will receive the treatment and you can show your new skin color to family and friends. After 30 days the second part of the amount is requested and finally the last part is due after 60 days. Make sure that you choose your spray tan treatment at one of the above webshops. They accept the payment method Payin3.

Spraytan payment in installments is often mentioned in the same breath as interest, but that is not the case with Payin3. Despite the 'loan' you pay 0% interest and you do not have to be afraid of a BKR registration. Moreover, you can also contact Payin3 for other treatments on payment, such as hypnotherapy.

How does spray tan work?

The image surrounding spray tan is that it makes you orange. You can if you want to, but you absolutely don't have to. You can choose the color yourself. When you've made that choice, head to the spray tan booth. You will be in there naked or with underpants/bikini. Then it is requested to stand in different positions to allow the tan to land everywhere. Finally, let it dry for a while, after which you can enjoy your new tan! The spray tan remains visible for an average of five to seven days. This way you have the ideal color on special days, such as your wedding. Do you want to look completely tip-top? Then consider teeth whitening on installment with Payin3.