In addition to being a handy means of transport, an e-skateboard is also just fun to take on the road. With electric assistance you can tour around the entire city without having to do a lot of scootering yourself. That makes an e-skateboard very popular, but also pricey. Payin3 therefore offers the ideal solution with which you can buy an electric skateboard on installment.


Shopping e-skateboards in three terms

Buy an electric skateboard on installment

Why should you buy an electric skateboard on installment? This is especially useful if you would like to have a new e-skateboard quickly, but you have not yet saved enough money. Then you can pay for an electric skateboard in installments with the payment method of Payin3. This goes as follows: at one of the above webshops you choose an e-skateboard of your choice and select Payin3 at the payment method. After a quick check of your details, we ask you to make the first payment, which is one third of the total purchase amount. After that, your purchase will immediately come your way. Payin3 will send a reminder within 30 days to make the 2nd payment, and then pay the last installment within 60 days of purchase.

Payin3 vs. other lenders

Perhaps you are used to other lenders that there are certain risks associated with a loan. It is possible, for example, that additional costs are charged in the form of interest. With the payment method of Payin3 you can pay for an electric skateboard completely without worries and extra costs. 0% interest is charged, so all you have to pay is the purchase amount of your product. In addition, you do not get a BKR registration when using the payment method of Payin3. So if you want to tour quickly on your new purchase, Payin3 allows you to pay for an electric skateboard in installments. Would you like a little more stability, but still have electrical support? At the webshops that are affiliated with Payin3 you can also look at an e-step or of course a eelectric bicycle.