Do you want to make a professional video, or are you going to do a photo shoot? With a tripod you ensure stability and you can use a longer shutter speed. A must-have for your camera equipment, but often also pricey. With the payment method of Payin3 you can buy your tripod on installment.


Shopping tripods in three terms

Tripod on installment

Buying a tripod on installment, what does that mean? By purchasing a product on installment, you spread the costs over 3 equal installments. When purchasing, you only pay a third of the purchase amount, after which the product comes your way. The request to pay the second part follows after 30 days at the latest, the third after 60 days.

Buying a tripod on installment has several advantages. First of all, you don't have to save up for your new purchase before you can use it. You can keep saving, while you are already using your new tripod. In addition, you have a budget to purchase other products, such as a new camera or camera lens.

Tripod pay afterwards at Payin3

Do you prefer to pay for your new tripod on installment? By choosing the payment method of Payin3, you benefit from the advantages of post-payment and you do not have to worry about the disadvantages that normally come with lending. Payin3 charges an interest of 0%, so you only pay the amount that you would also pay if you bought your new tripod in one go. So no unnecessary extra costs. Moreover, we do not do BKR registrations and returns are possible. Is the product not to your liking? Send it back to the provider and get the amount already paid back. Read the terms and conditions per provider for the options for returning.