Want to buy a new cabinet, but this big issue doesn't suit you right now? With Payin3's payment method, there is no reason to delay this purchase. You can simply buy your brand new cabinet on installment basis. We simply spread the purchase amount over 3 equal installments.

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Shopping closets in three terms

Buy a closet on installment

Buying a closet on installment is easy. You start your search at one of the above webshops. Whether you go for a closet in your living room or for a wardrobe, the range is large. When you have found a suitable cabinet in the wide range, choose Payin3 as the payment method. Where you would normally have to pay the entire amount, you now pay a third. We spread the amount of your cabinet over a period of 3 installments. As soon as you have made the first payment, your new cabinet will immediately come your way. After 30 days you pay the 2nd installment, and within 60 days the 3rd and last installment. So there is no reason to postpone your purchase. You will receive your cabinet immediately, but we will give you the time to pay off the rest of your payment at your leisure.

Pay your closet in 3 installments at an affordable price

Buying an installment cabinet with Payin3 is not only convenient, but also affordable. Where you often have to pay interest with post-payment methods, that is not the case with Payin3. The interest rate we charge? 0%. So you don't have to worry about extra costs when you buy your new cabinet on installment. There are no nasty surprises. The amount you see the cabinet for sale for is also the amount you will pay. In addition to an interest rate of 0%, we also do not map a BKR registration. Moreover, you can easily pay all your stuff for your home & furnishings afterwards with Payin3.