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Special, proud and flexible are the words that describe Furnea. The online furniture store was founded in 2007 after the owners Aslan brothers found the perfect TV furniture at a trade fair. They could only order these per fifteen, after which they resold the other fourteen. The “problem” would eventually lead to the starting point of a successful business. Furnea, then trendymeubels.nl, is also one of the first pilot customers of in3. They work with PAY.nl as a payment provider. Since 2020, Kenan Aslan has taken over the entire company.

Furnea takes the worries off the hands of customers and goes for the total picture. Their target group consists of two-income couples between the ages of 25 and 60 with a medium to high income. Customers can contact Furnea for a complete interior. They can view the collection online, offline (showroom), via the magazine, via the catalog and of course via the social media channels.

‘We are therefore not an ordinary online shop, but an online shop that offers more than just sales.’ Kenan Aslan – Owner. Customers can find custom furniture and floors that can also be installed at the same time, and much more. Finally, Furnea distinguishes itself with the five-year warranty, free delivery & returns and with the many payment options.

Furnea and in3

There were more and more questions about whether furniture could be paid in installments. To meet the needs of the customer, Furnea approached in3. It was very important for Furnea that the payment method does not have sky-high interest rates for the customer. Since in3 offers 0% interest, this was the perfect match.

Furnea offers several payment methods afterwards, such as Afterpay and Cash on Delivery. However, in3 is the most used post-payment method. About 20% of all successful transactions go through in3. ‘I think that more than half of the order would not be ordered if it was not possible to pay with in3. It is also clear to see that these orders have an average of 40% higher order amounts compared to other payment methods. In3 is mainly used in dining tables, cupboards, benches and recently even in kitchens. So the categories where the amounts are higher than € 300.00.’

‘We notice that customers are less hesitant about products with higher amounts, after they have seen that they can also pay in 3 installments. In3 therefore ensures a higher conversion. It has even increased by about 30%!’

Customers love that they don’t have to pay such a high amount in 1 go thanks to in3. And it gives them a nice feeling because it is with 0% interest. ‘They know where they stand. Not the crazy practices we had in the past with comfort cards and/or Santander.’

Furnea has given in3 a prominent place on the website on the homepage, check-out page and on the product pages to make it clear that customers can pay with in3. The furniture store also includes in3 in promotions on YouTube, Social Media and Google Ads. The company also indicates that stating the price per term on the product page is very effective.

The future

Furnea also has many future plans, such as a second Furnea Catalogue. Furnea also decided to set up a warehousing system for large transport via a logistics partner. The aim of this is to increase the network within the Benelux in order to be able to offer even more services.

‘Finally, we notice that customers want to pay much more afterwards instead of in advance. Payments that go through in3 and other post-payment methods will only continue to rise in the future.’

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