Fixami: significant increase in order value with in3

Like (almost) every company history, the story of Fixami starts small. It began in Tilburg in 2007 under the name Gereedschapcentrum.nl, with the online sale of used power tools to professionals. And with success: the business grew and the range of products expanded gradually, as did the target group and markets where Fixami sells its products. Professionals and avid DIY enthusiasts in the Netherlands order from Gereedschapcentrum.nl, while in Belgium and France, they order from Fixami.be and Fixami.fr.

Star player in the tool market

Fixami has since grown into a star player in the tool market, with a large assortment of power tools, accessories, and related products. It is a good example of an e-commerce company actively seeking ways to improve customer service and growing rapidly. Fixami strives to maintain focus on its core product line, with 95% of orders deliverable from stock and delivered to customers the next day. This approach has earned Fixami a place in the Twinkle Top 100, the list of largest webshops in the Netherlands, for years, and the company has received several Gazelle awards.

Offering in3 as a payment option fits with Fixami’s ambitious strategy. in3 currently accounts for 6% of its revenue. The average order value of orders paid with in3 is more than double the average value of orders with other payment methods. “We see that in3 is an instrument for achieving higher order values,” says Lieke Fransen, E-Commerce Manager of Fixami.

Why in3?

Fixami recognizes the importance of offering the right payment methods for the success of the business. “We leave the choice of how a customer wants to pay up to the customer. We want to be able to offer the options that are relevant to the customer. But we don’t want to take on the risk or set up the entire financial hassle to be able to collect payments in instalments,” says Lieke. Fixami therefore searched for a partner that could provide the entire post-payment process. “And a partner with a transparent message to our customers: no fines or additional costs. in3 offers this and was available through our Payment Service Provider Pay.”

Benefits of in3 for Fixami

Fixami has been offering in3 for several years and has a good understanding of the benefits it provides for the company and its customers. Fixami sees, for example, that offering instalment payments without a credit check increases conversion rates, leading to more orders and revenue. Fixami also sees that offering in3 leads to higher average order values than other payment methods.

Fixami is satisfied with the implementation via Pay and the personal contact with in3. “The great support and the discussions on how we can jointly improve for the customer have confirmed that in3 is a true partner in the field of alternative payment solutions,” says Lieke from Fixami.

The future for Fixami

For the near future, Fixami has prioritized the development of a fully personalized shopping experience before, during, and after purchase. The company is currently working on launching a new ‘headless frontend’ and e-commerce platform. Fixami aims for further international expansion and continues to actively search for ways to improve customer service.

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