This webshop is one of the many webshops that The Online Retail Company B.V. rich. The launch of our first webshop took place in 2007. Since that year we have only continued to grow. First of all, of course, we would like to thank all our customers for this, but our employees and ourselves have had to work very hard for it. And we still do. We put a lot of time and energy into our knowledge, service and friendliness. Because only then can you really be the best!

The best service, knowledge and friendliness
Our service does not stop at the door or when your order is shipped. We always provide the highest service. For example, we are happy to support you at times when you cannot find a solution yourself or have problems. You can always count on us!

Our stock

The advantage of shopping with us is our large stock reserve. Thanks to effective stock management, it is rare that we do not have a specific product in stock. We purchase directly from most manufacturers. This saves us costs and this is reflected in the attractive prices we use!

Our distribution

We ship many tens of thousands of packages every year. We have therefore been able to make good agreements with our carriers. In principle, we deliver your order within 1 working day and a maximum of 2 working days. If your package is not delivered within 5 days, we will inform you in good time by e-mail or telephone.