You can leave the descaling of your pipes to our reliable anti-limescale system with peace of mind. More than 100,000 satisfied customers have preceded you. You no longer suffer from whitewashed shower heads and the replacement of expensive filters is no longer necessary.
1 whole-home system and 100-day money-back guarantee.
Enjoy less limescale;
The Amfa4000 gradually breaks down the existing lime;
The Amfa4000 anti-limescale system is environmentally friendly and maintenance-free;
The Amfa4000 is the alternative to a water softener;
10-year full factory warranty on the Amfa4000;
Savings of €250 to €500 per household per year possible with our anti-limescale system;
Sensitive skin? With decalcified water you will suffer less from skin rashes, itching, bumps, or eczema.