With their thick aluminum frame, large LED headlight and wide tires, VOETS' fatbikes are real eye-catchers. In addition, these robust e-bikes are lightweight, the fatbikes themselves weigh only 30 kg, but can carry a weight of up to 180 kg. These tough and robust e-bikes are hugely sustainable, as they produce zero emissions, due to the pedal system and electric drive. So you cover long distances quickly in an environmentally friendly way. Nothing has been skimped on! Everything is top quality. From aluminum pedals to your battery pack. Even the battery holder is made of aluminum!

All Voetsbikes have CE approval. To use the VOETS e-fatbike you do not need a driver's license, which makes it suitable for both young and old. There is no age restriction on these electric bikes. In addition, a helmet is not required on this electric bike. You also do not need a license plate or insurance on this e-fatbike. Thus, you and your children can ride a cool e-fat bike effortlessly.