Trade Line

Water as water should be

Manufacturers in the West develop water filters that only filter water.

Manufacturers in South Korea and Japan look at the total picture. How does water behave in nature, how is it vitalised, how do the minerals get into the water and how can we reflect that as much as possible in our filter systems. In these countries, they are concerned with health for body and mind.

Enthused by their stories about 'healthy' water for body and mind, we started importing the water filter systems from South Korea in 2001. Filtering, mineralising, vitalising and with the new filters also alkalising. We have given these products our own 'line': the Aqualine.

Because air also plays an increasingly important role in our daily lives, a major South Korean electronics company developed an air filter for us.

For several years now, our daughter Luka has also been working in our family business. This 2nd generation ensures that Tradeline can continue to supply high-quality water and air filters in the future.