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Fitwinkel was founded in 2001 from the garage of Barry ten Voorde. The company quickly grew enormously. “At one point, the entire living room was full of fitness equipment and accessories.” thus Barry. Fitwinkel is currently one of the larger webshops in the Benelux with the largest range in the field of fitness and Barry ten Voorde is still the general manager. However, this year he is going to pass on the baton to Twan van Essen.

Fitwinkel aims to make a fit, vital and healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone. Nowadays everyone is busy, busy, busy with study, work, children, and fun. But this is an important time to exercise. For those people, who find it difficult to make time to exercise, exercising at home is a perfect solution. Fitwinkel offers the total spectrum of options: From small fitness items such as mini bands, abdominal wheels and dumbbells to complete devices such as cross trainers, treadmills and home gyms. In addition to fitness items, the webshop has also built up a wide range of outdoor sports equipment over the years. From football goals to trampolines. Anyone who wants to exercise can go to Fitwinkel.

The store distinguishes itself from its competitors with its very wide range of products. Fitwinkel is an official dealer of more than 100 fitness brands. In addition, there is an extensive service that many competitors do not offer. For example, there is a fast delivery time, the devices are shipped and installed at home for free and you have a 50 days to change your mind. All this ensures that the webshop has been able to call itself the best-rated fitness store in the Benelux for years. In addition to the webshop, Fitwinkel also has six stores throughout the Netherlands. This allows the consumer to test the products before purchasing.

Fitwinkel and in3

“We want to provide the best service for all our customers, including when it comes to payment. We did not offer the option to pay in installments interest-free via our webshop yet. We did notice a need from the consumer for this. With in3 as a payment method, we can serve our customers even better and make sports even more accessible. Significant investments are sometimes made on our website and it is therefore logical that it can be nice to pay this in installments. We came in contact with in3 ourselves and then linked the payment method via MultiSafePay.” Twan van Essen – E-commerce & Franchise manager.

“Consumers mainly opt for in3 for the more expensive items such as cross trainers, exercise bikes, treadmills, rowing machines and spinning bikes. We indicate the price per installment with the products to draw the consumer’s attention to the option of also being able to pay for the products in installments.” Twan van Essen. Fitwinkel even goes even a step further and explicitly mentions the option to pay in 3 installments in advertisements.

In general, Fitwinkel makes extensive use of post-payment. About 5% of all transactions are paid with in3. Since adding in3 to the checkout, the number of transactions has increased. The average order value of in3 transactions also appears to be 35% higher than with other payment methods.

Would you recommend in3?

“Yes, of course. Given the contomer questions we received before we had the payment method, we certainly missed out on sales without the payment method!” Twan van Essen – E-commerce & Franchise manager.

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