in3 Business

B2B payment in 3 instalments with no interest.

  • For purchases from 150 to 30,000 euros
  • In the online store or on invoice
  • In collaboration with Rabobank

The new way of business payment

in3 Business is the new payment method in collaboration with Rabobank that allows you to pay for business purchases in 3 parts, without interest or extra costs!

You immediately pay a third part. The second instalment you pay within 30 days and the third instalment within 60 days. Very easy via iDEAL.

This way you maintain control over your cash flow, have less risk and you have maximum payment convenience and flexibility.

This is how it works

Step 1:
Choose in3 Business as payment method
Choose in3 Business in the checkout of the online store or on a digital invoice and go through the verification process. This only takes 2 minutes.

Step 2:
Payment and shipping
Pay a third of your order immediately. This will then be sent by the seller.



Step 3:
Pay your 2nd and 3rd instalments

You make the second payment within 30 days and the third payment within 60 days.

Office furnishings
€ 12.000
Or pay 3x 4.000,-, 0% interest!
Pay today
Pay within 30 days
€ 4.000
Pay within 60 days
€ 4.000
€ 1.044
Or pay 3x 348,-, 0% interest!
Pay today
Pay within 30 days
€ 348,-
Pay within 60 days
€ 348,-
Financial flexibility
Create financial space and keep a grip on your company's cash flow.
Quick and easy!
Checkout and go through the verification process. You know immediately whether your order has been approved.
Limit your purchasing risk
Only pay a third immediately upon purchase. You pay the other two instalments within 60 days.