Reverse Saving: You save afterwards!

Burned into your mind, you still pay attention to it years later, so you try to buy good products of high quality wherever possible. But those high-quality products also have a high price tag. Something that doesn’t always come at the best time.

You can still hear it from your mother: cheap is expensive!

This is where Reverse Saving comes in. You can immediately buy that new box spring, after which you set aside €300 during three salary rounds. The big advantage is that you can immediately enjoy that beautiful new box spring, so a better night’s sleep and the financial burden remains the same. Everyone happy!

So what does Reverse Saving mean?
Where you normally had to save, you can now do this afterwards in installments without extra charges or registrations. This is the principle that we have called “Reverse Saving”, or in other words “saving afterwards”. A new term that fits our innovative payment method. So instead of saving first and then making a purchase, you now make the purchase first and pay it in installments afterwards; Reverse Saving.

What are the features of Reverse Saving?
It is very important that reverse saving does not have any negative consequences compared to normal saving. In addition, it is normal for many spread payment methods to pay interest on the purchase amount. In many cases you are also tied to a BKR registration.
It is therefore important that there are no extra costs, no hindering registrations and immediate satisfaction of the need. That is the power and the attractiveness of Reverse Saving. Reverse Saving is especially applicable to products with a high price. Something you can’t or don’t want to pay in one go.

The Risks of Reverse Saving
It’s tempting to spend money you don’t actually have, or maybe even make big impulse purchases. So evaluate whether you can afford the budget for the higher-quality product within the three deadlines. In3 makes every effort to protect you against excessively large purchases through a lightning-fast credit check.

Want to get started with Reverse Saving yourself?
If you have to or want to make a large expenditure in the future, you can use the payment method in3. We offer payment in installments at 0% interest and without BKR registrations. No negativity, but that extra convenience to make a large purchase in three salary rounds, no strings attached! Which stores use in3? click here.

How can you offer Reverse Saving in your webshop?
For this you need a payment partner who can offer this payment method. At the moment, in3 is the only payment method that can offer payment in installments without BKR registration and interest. You add in3 to your payment methods easily and for free.  Then take a look at our website or request a quote immediately .

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