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Increase conversion in your online shop with the iDEAL in3 marketing toolkit 

Logos and banners

Use our logos and banners to inform your customers early on in the customer journey. In addition, place the iDEAL in3 logo with the other payment options.  

Create your own page on our website

Expand your customer base with key placements on our high-traffic website. Check the merchant portal.  

On-site messaging

By offering customers a free spread payment solution, you directly increase your customers' buying power. If you display the price per instalment on the product page, you significantly lower the purchase threshold, increase conversion and allow a new target group to convert. Download the iDEAL in3 on-site messaging plug-in for WooCommerce or Magento 2 for free. Do you use another platform? Ask your web agency about the possibilities.

Check-out optimization

Place iDEAL in3 at the top of the checkout. This ensures recognition and gives extra confidence to your customers. At checkout, mention that customers can pay via iDEAL in3 in 3 instalments. The earlier and better the explanation of how iDEAL in3 works, the higher the conversion rate. 

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Spread the word

Let customers know they can pay with iDEAL in3! Promote iDEAL in3 via email campaigns and via social media channels. 

Answer their questions

Creat a FAQ text or landingspage where your customers can learn all about iDEAL in3.   

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