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This year, go for a different resolution: invest in self-development!

With the start of the new year, many Dutch people have also announced their New Year’s resolutions to friends and family. Of course we want to lose weight again this year, we are going to stop smoking and we are now really planning to drink less. All wonderful resolutions that contribute to our appearance and of course to our health. Of course, the big question is always whether you will last this year. But why not take a completely different approach? Instead of the well-known New Year’s resolutions, you can also plan this year to further develop yourself as a person. Especially in the current situation around corona, with all the restrictions and social isolation, many people are thinking about their future, both professionally and personally. Many people have lost or are at risk of losing their jobs. Freelancers have seen their regular assignments evaporate and may be thinking whether they should take a different path.

By developing yourself you grow as a person, you may discover a new passion and you create new opportunities in a professional field. For example, you can really delve into a subject that you may have been interested in for a long time. There are countless online studies or courses where you gain new knowledge and develop or improve new skills. With this you can improve your CV and distinguish yourself from other candidates when you apply for a new job.

Also, right now, many people choose to set up their own business. That does require the necessary knowledge. For example, how can you properly set up an online shop, with the right products and prices? A good online course can make all the difference. Maybe you already have a website, but it needs to be overhauled. Perhaps it’s time to finally purchase the right equipment you need to set up your business.

Financial feasibility

In short, there are plenty of opportunities to really develop yourself further this year. But – just like with the ‘standard’ New Year’s resolutions – this does require commitment. Not only in terms of motivation and determination, but often also a financial commitment. And depending on what you’re going to do, that could mean a substantial investment. For example, a new laptop or a professional camera or a photography course. And those costs can add up considerably, something that is not financially feasible for everyone. Approaching a bank for a loan often has little chance of success. But there are other possibilities to make your intention to self-development financially possible. For example, by spreading the investment over a number of months, you do not have to spend a large amount in one go. Then you have to be careful that you do not also have to pay interest on the deferred payment. And of course you want to prevent such a spread payment being registered with the BKR, because that can have consequences for the maximum mortgage you can get from the bank.

If you want to work on self-development, there are plenty of options. And with the option to pay a number of things not at once but spread over a number of months, now may be the time to really get to work on it.

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