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We are happy to tell you about our intended purposes for the use of cookies and similar technologies on our websites. You can change or withdraw your permissions.

What are cookies?

Cookies and web storage technologies such as local and session storage (“cookies”) make using our website easier. To put it very simply, they are, for example, small text files that are downloaded to your device by your browser when you visit our website. Third-party web technologies, such as scripts, pixels and tags that we integrate into our website for advertising purposes, also place cookies on your device. We distinguish different types of cookies, for which you can give permission separately.

A pleasant user experience

Cookies make the online experience smoother and more interactive in many ways. This only applies if you always use the same device and browser. Some cookies are essential for the use and maintenance of our websites. With this we offer:

  • Access to the services you need;
  • Reliable and correct information;
  • A seamless and pleasant experience of your visit.


Thanks to cookies, we understand how you use our website and you do not have to indicate this again and again. For example, they save your language preference, so you don’t have to choose it every time. If we know your settings and preferences, we can:

  • Personalize the experience by letting you navigate more efficiently to the pages most relevant to you;
  • Remember certain personal preferences;
  • Offer you useful content or websites.

Improvement of the website

Cookies allow us to improve our websites by knowing how visitors use them. We analyze which content is popular and conclude from that what might be more interesting or useful for our visitors. So we can:

  • Understand how visitors use the websites, to improve these websites and the experience of them;
  • Try out different ideas and show individual visitors the most relevant content.

Advertenties en retargeting

Our websites may use advertising and targeting cookies to re-target previous visitors. These cookies collect information about your browsing history to record your interests and surfing behavior on our websites. This allows us and/or our partners to:

  • Targeting products on other websites, as a result of your visit to our websites;
  • Combining other relevant information with targeted information, so that the advertisements you see really match your interests.


When you make a transaction with in3 at a connected web shop, we store your IP and device ID to prevent abuse of our services.

Types of cookies

Our websites contain data processing and similar cookies. We divide data processing into different categories, depending on its function and purpose. The use of categories is described and can be managed below. Within each category, the methods of processing data are indicated, including the cookies that the category uses.


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