Introduction to PureApple

We at PuurApple would like to help you with your search for your new Apple product! You can purchase refurbished Apple products from us. A refurbished MacBook or iPhone (in Dutch: 'revised') is a MacBook or iPhone that has been used before, but has been cleaned, repaired and provided with new parts where necessary. Parts that no longer worked properly have therefore been replaced. That is why you also receive a warranty on your Apple products from us!

Why at PureApple?

Ordered today shipped the same day!
Standard 12 month warranty on your Apple device!
Thoroughly tested hardware
Pick up orders in Lemmer in Friesland.
Phone support
Trade in your old (defective) Apple products with an extra trade-in discount!
Link to our Refurbished products: iMacs | MacBooks | iPhones | Mac Pros

Get your Refurbished products at PuurApple! Besides that you can purchase your Refurbished Apple product from us, you can now also hand in your old Apple products! We are working on a page with which you can easily request the exchange of your Apple product for another refurbished product from us! You can then simply leave your serial number, after which we will immediately pass on a trade-in value!

We are also happy to help you at PuurApple with repairs for your Apple device!
We are happy to help you with repairs for Apple iMacs, Apple Macbooks, Apple iPhones and Apple Mac Pros!