PowerCure Europe

In late 2015, we came in to learn about Low Level Laser Therapy and were touched by it. To our surprise, we discovered that although LLLT is already used in several countries and described positively in literally thousands of scientific studies, it was still unknown to many.

A history of illness led us to start using LLLT to heal ourselves. We finally found a method that got results, you can just do it yourself and whenever and wherever you want. And also a completely natural and biological process which is fully scientifically based. If only we had known earlier, that LLLT is so effective, so safe and so easy to use. It would have saved us a lot of costs in therapies, medication and associated co-payments. Driven by this result, the mission to make LLLT available to all was born.

In our search for the best device for home use, we found the PowerCure which has the most outstanding specifications and ease of use. Higher power than competing items, very comfortable to hold, the best screen and easy to use. And, of course, with the best results!