Klundert Music

Are you also such a gear nerd? Nice! That means you have passion. They won't tell you anything about brands, woods, resonance, studio techniques, tubes, you name it. Playing by yourself is more fun than talking to other gear nerds about your equipment.

At Klundert Music, we're just like you. We have that passion, too. For everything you make music with, record with and use for performances. That's why we're proud of our offerings. What you find in the online shop is also in our analog store. Brands and equipment that we stand behind and whose quality we dare to guarantee.

We like to let you hear how it is. We do that in Brabant style. You know, serious with a wink. But maybe you already knew that. As persons we are no different. We know that you want to hold an instrument and try it out. Is there a click? Does it feel right? Is it what you expected? Chances are it will become your best friend and that may be worth something.

Check out the shop, make your choice and don't hesitate to drop by. Let's talk about woods, resonance, studio techniques and tubes. Or not, maybe you just want to enjoy 1000 m2 of the best in guitar, drum, keyboard and studio equipment. Together with you, we know all about it.

Let's gear up!

The gear nerds from Klundert