Fokko Juweliers

As the child of a Creole father, I always had a bond with beautiful Suriname. When I went on holiday to Suriname as a child, I could often be found in the Maagdenstraat and surroundings. At the time, the authentic Surinamese jewelers were located here. The many Surinamese jewelry intrigued me strongly. Mainly the artwork called ala kondre. The many chains, symbols and beads. Magnificent! I visited Suriname almost every year and every time I came back to the Netherlands with Surinamese jewelry.
After my HBO study I wasn't sure what to do in the future. Together with Remi's Juwelen, a Surinamese jeweler friend from Groningen, I started selling Surinamese jewelry via various platforms such as Marktplaats and Facebook with a delivery time of one week! At a certain point I got more and more demand for Surinamese jewelry from all over the country. That's when I started Fokko Jewelers. I didn't know what to name my company. I didn't want to brag about using my first or last name, so it became my middle name, Fokko. I am named after my Dutch grandfather. This was all in 2009. Fokko Jewelers got better and better and in 2011 I started my own Surinamese jewelry line called Fokko Design.
We now send approximately 8,000 orders per year at Fokko Jewelers and we have also expanded with a number of employees, both in the Netherlands and in Suriname. Since 2018 we also focus on selling Fokko Design jewelry at other jewelers.

The collection currently has more than 350 different Surinamese jewelry. Both gold Surinamese jewelry and silver Surinamese jewelry and you can even pay in installments. We are easy to reach by phone, email and Whatsapp. Fast shipping is also one of our characteristics. We stand for quality with a very competitive price.
Almost all our Surinamese jewelry is actually made in Suriname by real Surinamese goldsmiths.