Badenwinkel is the bath specialist

Given the many possibilities, decorating a bathroom is not easy. How do you create a bathroom that you can enjoy for many years? In our opinion, the bathroom should not only look good, it should also be the room where you can relax completely. Badenwinkel helps with this through a wide range of top quality sanitary ware, consisting of bubble baths, freestanding baths, built-in baths, corner baths, colored baths, bath drains and much more. With the help of the wide range, divided into clear categories and associated filters, you will arrive at the most beautiful bathroom products. Which are completely tailored to your personal preferences.

The best quality

Do you have a fairly new bathroom and does your bath need to be replaced again? It's the last thing you want! For this, the bathroom must be partly demolished in the case of a built-in bath. Therefore choose quality. The Badenwinkel baths are made in the Netherlands. We fully support the quality of our baths, which is why the warranty period of the standard built-in baths is no less than 20 years. You will find the perfect bath at the shop for baths and ligne.

Buy a bath?

Buy a bath? At Badenwinkel you will find a suitable bath for every situation. It doesn't matter if you want to buy a standard bath, a freestanding bath, corner bath or a bubble bath. There is a suitable freestanding bath or bathtub for every bathroom layout. In addition, each bath can be further aligned with the rest of your bathroom products. Both the built-in baths and the free-standing baths are available in 7 different colours. In addition, it is also possible to order the drain plug in different colours. For example, do you have a copper-coloured, gold or matt black washbasin faucet ? Then you can also buy the drain plug of your freestanding bath or bathtub in this colour.