Partnership MultiSafePay and in3

Shoptrader has made it possible for its more than 4,000 webshops to add in3 via Shoptrader Payments. The partnership allows Dutch webshop owners to add in3’s interest-free spread payment solution. Both parties make it possible to try out the payment option for free until August 1.

Pay in 3 parts, without interest
With in3 your customers pay in 3 equal parts. On the checkout page, your customer chooses the payment option in3 and pays the first installment payment directly via iDEAL. After the payment is successful, the order can be shipped. In3 sends a clear payment schedule for the second and third installments. As a webshop owner you will receive 100% early payment and the payment is guaranteed.

Free until August 1! Use the payment option in3 now and do not pay a transaction fee until August 1! Three reasons to try in3:

  • Increase in turnover
    With the payment option in3 you give your customer more purchasing power. They can make the payment over a period of 3 salary rounds, without negative side effects. This lowers the buying threshold and makes the purchase that they really want accessible. This immediately results in an increase in turnover for the webshop owner.
  • Guaranteed payout
    As a webshop you do not run any risk. Via in3 you will receive 100% payment within 15 days, regardless of whether your customer has paid or not.
  • Extra marketingpower
    By letting your customers know at the beginning of the customer journey that there is a possibility to pay with in3, you immediately distinguish yourself from the competition. The higher the price, the longer the consumer has to think before making the purchase. By stating the amount in 3 parts on the product page, this becomes a lot more attractive.

Do you use Shoptrader and do you want to activate in3 as a payment method?
In3 can be requested via the Shoptrader back-end. There you can request the in3 add-on.

Webshop software from Shoptrader
Shoptrader started in 2005 with building custom websites and webshops. Due to the demand for well-functioning web stores, Shoptrader has focused on creating single upgradable web stores. In 2014, Shoptrader embarked on a new path: they have developed their own platform that forms the basis for all webshops. New modules, add-ons and developments are thus *available at once* for all web stores. More than 4,000 webshops now use the webshop software and about 200,000 transactions are processed per month.

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