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Matt Sleeps was founded by sleep maniacs with one common passion for sleep. Since 2016, the online company has been selling everything for an optimal sleeping experience. Together with 4 major European mattress manufacturers, 3 hotel giants, and 260 test subjects, various tests have been conducted to arrive at the perfect mattress that suits all types of sleepers. In the end, together with TU Delft, they put together the ultimate mattress that can be adjusted by customers. The goal of Matt Sleeps was to create a good mattress that is also affordable with the mission: ”Matt is for everyone”. In addition to the perfected mattress, beds and sleeping accessories are also sold for maximum sleeping comfort. Every box spring from Matt Sleeps is custom made in the Netherlands and the raw materials of the Matt materials are fully recyclable.

The mattress gurus have not been sitting still. Matt Sleeps opened the world’s first Hangover Bar, Mattflix, and they continued to develop the mattress in the meantime. It also developed its own cushion and international expansion took place in 2017 to Germany and in 2021 to France. The latest development took place in June 2021, when Matt expanded the range with a premium velvet box spring and the Loft Bed. The company also received the Sprout Challenger, Nima marketing award, and a nomination for Best Startup Award.

This year (2021) Matt Sleeps will be five years old. This was celebrated in June with a special bed cinema in Amsterdam. All sleep and cinema lovers watch the best movies of the moment with the bedroom feeling from the Matt mattress.

“A good mattress can be an expensive purchase. Because, not all customers find a budget mattress comfortable, we make the best-tested mattress available to all sleepyheads.” Joep Verbunt – Founder.

In the early years, Matt had therefore developed its own distributed payment solution via the software of another party. This was based on a credit card, whereby payment was only continued after the money had been debited from the consumer. At the end of 2018, Matt Sleeps was approached by in3. Thanks to in3, a Matt mattress is within reach, because the customer does not have to wait 3 salary rounds for an optimal night’s rest. No extra costs are charged, and the customer is not BKR registered.

“We immediately saw the added value of in3. The installment payments are made via iDEAL and the entire amount is pre-financed. We immediately noticed that this method was more successful and responds to the demands of our customers.” Joep Verbunt – Founder.

In the future, Matt will expand further abroad. There are also more products for all sleep lovers. Matt will certainly not sit still in the future.

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