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BeterSport was founded about 15 years ago and is therefore a specialist in the field of (home) fitness, (outdoor) sports, and exercise. The product specialists advise customers on their purchase, and together we look at which fitness equipment or trampoline best suits the customer’s starting level, condition, or preferences. A part of the range can also be tested in the showroom.

“We think it is important that safe and well-known payment methods are offered when making purchases in the webshop. And, that there is sufficient choice for the customer.” Judith – Betersport.

Betersport customers are not only guided on their way with sports, but good guidance is also provided afterwards. For example, customers can have a personal training program tailor-made for free. Blogs are also regularly written about, for example, the best yoga exercises or strength training schedules.

Betersport currently offers its customers both instalment, and post-payment options. ”These two payment methods together account about 15% of the transactions via the webshop. Of that 15%, about 60% opt for in3. In total, in3 therefore accounts for almost 10% of all transactions via the webshop.”

Betersport believes it is important that safe and well-known payment methods are offered for purchases in the webshop, and that there is sufficient choice for the customer. The credit check is important when paying in instalments or afterwards. Payment must be quick and smooth, Betersport does not want customers to have to disclose irrelevant information. The follow-up of the partner is especially important when paying afterwards and in instalments: the customers must be informed by the partner of the status of the payments so that Betersport does not have to follow up on this itself.

After, Betersport came into contact with in3, the USPs (payment in installments, no BKR registration or interest, higher conversion/order values), the rates and payment term were analyzed and compared with other providers. This was followed by a test with the payment method that turned out positive. After, the choice for in3 was quickly made.

Based on results from studies of in3, the price is stated in 3 parts on the product page of BeterSport. The decision was made to mention this on the product page to immediately inform customers that the in3 payment option is offered (instead of stating this in the shopping cart).

Customers who opt for one of the post-payment methods have an average higher order value than customers who pay for their orders directly.

The general opinion of BeterSport: ”Customers like it to be able to pay large orders in instalments. This allows them to make a purchase for a higher amount and they do not have to pay the full amount at once.” – Judith.

A new website is currently being worked on, and BeterSport is switching from Magento 1 to Magento 2. In addition, the possibilities to expand the range are constantly being looked at in order to provide customers with the most product complete range possible.

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