Pay in 3 instalments in-store!

in3 VirtualCard

Pay at your favourite shop with the in3 VirtualCard at the checkout and enjoy your purchase immediately. Pay your purchase in 3 instalments within 60 days with 0% interest. 
Your iPhone is your wallet.

Use the in3 VirtualCard with Apple Pay

With Apple Pay, you can pay quickly and easily with your in3 VirtualCard straight from your iPhone.

Step 1.

Download the in3 app

Download the in3 app from the Apple App Store or the Google Playstore. Open the in3 app and quickly create your account via iDIN, a trusted method of identification through your bank. You get instant insight into your spending limit for purchases with in3.

Step 2.

Create account

Create an account in the in3 app. The card is automatically added to your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet.

Step 3.

Activate and pay

Once you have created the VirtualCard, activate the card in the in3 app before you can use the card in store. The balance on the card depends on the spending limit you see in the account. Activate your in3 payment contactless at the POS terminal and pay the first instalment.

0% interest
Pay in 3 instalments with no interest or other additional charges.
No credit registration
A payment at in3 VirtualCard is not registered with BKR like other instalment payment methods.
Insight in your spending limit
You get instant insight into the spending space you can spend with in3 VirtualCard.