Bikes for boys

In the Netherlands we cycle a lot, and we start early. Learned young is done old. From an early age we use the bicycle frequently: as a means of transport or to play with friends. As a parent, a new bike for your child can be a major investment, beyond all the other costs you incur for your children. At Payin3 we understand that it is not always desirable to pay the purchase amount in one go. We make it possible for you to purchase a boys' bicycle on installment.


Shopping boy bicycles in three terms

Purchase a boy's bicycle on installment

When buying a boy's bike or girl's bike you may prefer not to pay the purchase price in one go, because the investment can be quite large. Fortunately, there is a solution for that. With the payment method of Payin3 you can buy a boys bicycle on installment. How does that work? When you have found the new boy's bicycle for your son at one of the above webshops, choose the payment method of Payin3. After a quick data check you have to pay the 1st installment, and the new boy's bike will come your way straight away. You pay the 2nd installment after 30 days, when the bike has already put a number of kilometers on it. After 60 days you pay the 3rd installment. You don't have to worry about the 2nd and 3rd installment payments, because Payin3 reminds you of that!

Pay boy's bike afterwards without extra costs

When buying a boys bike on installment you probably expect that there will be extra costs involved. Unlike most other loans and credits, this is not the case with Payin3. That's because our payment method has 0% interest. You only pay the purchase price, as shown in the above webshops. If you want to pay for your boys' bicycle in installments, you will lose nothing more or less than if you pay the purchase amount in one go. In addition, our payment method does not have a BKR registration.

This way you can pay for your new boy's bike in instalments, without the negative consequences of a loan or credit. Not a big investment in one go, but over a period of 60 days. Since boys can sometimes stunt with their bicycles, we also make it possible to pay any repairs in instalments.