A small detail can add a lot to your outfit. So do earrings. Do you want to buy new earrings, but do not want to pay the entire purchase amount in one go? With the payment method of in3 you buy your earrings on installment.

Shopping earrings in three terms

Early earrings on installment: how does that work?

If you choose to purchase your earrings on installment, you can already enjoy your new purchase without having paid the full purchase amount. You pay for your earrings in installments. How does that work? At one of the above webshops, you can choose the earrings that meet your needs. Have you found your new acquisitions? Then choose in3 at checkout. After a quick data check, we ask you to pay the 1st installment and the earrings will come your way immediately. Within 30 and 60 days we will send you a reminder for the payments of the 2nd and 3rd installment. By purchasing your earrings on installment, you will have money left over at that time to make your outfit even more complete. With our payment method you can also buy rings and colliers. Of course on installment!

Why pay for earrings in installments?

There is a good chance that you are wondering if there are extra costs involved if you buy your earrings on installment. That is a justified thought, because with various installment payment methods you pay interest. But good news, at in3 we don't do that! Our payment method charges 0% interest, so you don't pay more than if you would purchase your earrings directly. Ideal if you want new earrings quickly, but don't have the money at the moment. No extra costs and no hassle, because at Payin3 we do not do BKR registrations either. This way you can easily and without worries purchase your earrings and other jewelry on installment.