Weighted bedding

Sleep is very important for your physical and mental health. You need about 8 hours of sleep to wake up well rested and ready for the new day. Weighted bedding can help improve your sleep. A good quality weighted duvet is a significant investment. With the payment method of Payin3 you can easily buy weighted bed linen on installment.

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Shopping weighted bedding in three terms

The advantages of buying weighted bed linen on installment

Do you sometimes still have trouble falling asleep or do you notice that you are restless during your sleep? Weighted bedding can help with that. The extra weight of the blanket gives you the feeling that you are being hugged. In addition, it ensures a deeper sleep and is stress-reducing. The biggest advantage of buying weighted bed linen on installment is that you will receive your purchase quickly, but you do not have to pay the full amount immediately. And it works very simply. You can choose the weighted bed linen under which you like to fall asleep via one of the above webshops. As payment method you select Payin3 and after a quick check you can pay a third of the purchase amount as the 1st installment. You will soon be able to sleep well under your new bedding. Payin3 will send a reminder within 30 days to meet the 2nd installment and you will pay the last installment within 60 days of purchase. So you quickly have your duvet at home. but pay it in installments.

What are the risks

You may be wondering what risks are associated with buying your weighted bedding in installments. It often happens with other lenders that, for example, extra costs are charged, or that you get a BKR registration because you take out a loan. This is not the case with Payin3. Our method is very simple and fast. Payin3 charges 0% interest, which means that the purchase amount that the webshop indicates is really the only thing you have to pay. And you also do not get a BKR registration with Payin3. So you can buy a weighted duvet on installment without worries and unexpected costs. In addition to a weighted duvet, are you also looking for nice decoration for your bedroom? With Payin3 you can also pay rugs and wall decoration in installments.